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Bandit Pâtisserie  in Birmingham, AL

(This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Kristen Hall and Victor King, Owners

Company Mission

Our primary mission is to create pastries that are truly memorable. We combine classic French technique with local and seasonal ingredients to create pastries that are both familiar and, yet, unique.

Signature Products

Croissants! We focus much of our pastry selection on laminated pastries—classic butter and bittersweet chocolate are fan favorites, along with our seasonal croissant danish, which is currently Peaches and Cream made with local peaches.

Production Tip

I think having a solid production plan is key to a successful and efficient operation. While not a technical focus, having a solid plan helps speed up the process without sacrificing quality.

Equipment ‘Must-Have’

I would say a dough sheeter is the one piece of equipment that is a must-have, especially if you want to laminate pastries at volume. It helps create consistent layers and reduces the impact of the physical nature of laminating by hand. We also use it to roll our Pâte Brisée, Pâte Sucrée, Craquelin and Shortbread. It’s a true gift to a pastry team!

Secret of Success

I believe that the quality of our products, and the consistency with which we produce them helps us stand out from other bakeries. It is our goal that each and every pastry we serve has the highest quality of flavor and texture every time!

Future Goals

We just opened a new retail store in downtown Birmingham in August, which has been a wonderful addition to our operation. We are also excited about launching a Cake of the Month Club, which will feature a new, seasonal cake each month. Slices will be available at our retail store, and whole cakes will be available for pre-order.

Visit banditbham.com for more info

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