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Valrhona Selection Introduces Norohy Organic Vanilla Beans to Pastry Pros in North America

Valrhona Selection continues to bring the best ingredients to pastry professionals with the launch of Norohy, its first-ever organic vanilla bean, now available in the U.S. and Canada following a successful first launch in Europe. Norohy represents the highest in quality and traceability, as well as the brand’s commitment to making the vanilla industry more ethical, responsible and respectful of both people and the planet.

Madagascar is a choice terroir for growing the world’s finest vanillas. In addition to a warm, humid climate, the island’s northeastern regions boast a soil that is rich with organic matter, making it ideal for growing vanilla plants. Norohy partners with organic farmers to purchase unprocessed green vanilla beans harvested straight from producers in two specific regions, Maroantsetra and Mananara, in order to ensure quality and traceability. Norohy’s vanilla beans are organic, not only out of a desire for a certification that would reflect its ethical commitments, but also to trace every bean right back to individual planters and raise producers’ awareness of environmental and horticultural issues around managing plantations.

After being harvested and selected, the beans are then processed and refined using traditional techniques. It takes over six months for these black non-split vanilla beans to attain their excellent quality, and they are monitored with the utmost care throughout every step in the process. Traditional skills are used to sort beans into similarly sized bunches and bind them with raffia. Norohy is the only vanilla brand which packages its vanilla on-site in Madagascar in order to ensure the local community benefits from as much of the value chain as possible.

This high-quality vanilla has sweet, floral aromas with powerful cocoa notes. Because of the strong flavors and aromas of the Norohy vanilla bean, chefs who have been using it since its European release have noted that they need up to 25% less vanilla to get the same intense flavor in their recipes.​ Using a high quality vanilla from Norohy also reduces food waste as chefs can use leftover pods several times for infusions, and then dry them to make a powder.


250g (8.8oz) bunch with raffia tie in a vacuum-packed bag CODE 26521
125g (4.4oz) bunch with raffia tie in a vacuum-packed bag CODE 31356

For more information about Norohy vanilla, https://us.valrhona.com/norohy-vanilla

About Valrhona Selection

Valrhona Selection brings together leading brands, such as Valrhona, Valrhona Signature and Norohy by offering the best of chocolate and pastry ingredients. Each of them has its own identity, its own history, and aligns with Valrhona Selection’s vision to offer its customers products and services that meet the needs of all pastry professionals. Valrhona Selection presents a diversified offering of carefully sourced and selected products with support for each customer to encourage inspiration and creativity, as well as a commitment to co-constructing the responsible pastry industry of tomorrow.

About Valrhona Inc.

As a partner to pastry professionals since 1922, and a pioneer in the world of chocolate, Valrhona defines itself today as a company whose mission, “together, good becomes better” declares the strength of its engagement. Founded as a small chocolate manufacturer in the French village of Tain l’Hermitage, Valrhona oversees every aspect of its chocolate’s sustainable production, in more than 30 terroirs and 20 origins. These expertly cultivated and crafted chocolates are used in over 70 countries. Valrhona has remained on the cutting edge of chocolate production and innovation by maintaining, in philosophy and practice, that pastry chefs make the best products for pastry chefs.

With its employees, chefs and cacao producers, Valrhona imagines the best in chocolate, both to create a just and sustainable cacao sector, and to inspire pastry that is delicious, exceptional, and does good. Building direct and long-term relationships with producers, searching for the next innovation in chocolate, and sharing expertise all bring Valrhona’s missions to life on a daily basis. Because what happens in the cacao plantations determines the sector’s future, Valrhona is dedicated to developing the well-being of producers’ local communities and practicing sustainable cacao cultivation.

Valrhona supports chefs by sharing the artisanal expertise of the company’s L’École Valrhona pastry chefs and by continuously pushing the limits of creativity, helping chefs to find their individual style and voice in the culinary industry. Valrhona’s ranges of couvertures, chocolate bonbons, decorations and tasting chocolates open new horizons for pastry professionals, who can count on consistent quality and flavors from a responsible partner who is committed to the environment.

In January 2020, Valrhona earned the demanding B Corporation® certification, which distinguishes the most committed companies in the world who consider social and environmental impact equal to economic performance. This distinction is recognition for Valrhona’s Live Long sustainable development strategy, characterized by the aspiration to join forces with producers, employees, pastry professionals and chocolate lovers to build a model that has positive impact for the world.

Choosing Valrhona means being committed to a chocolate that respects people and the planet. 100% of the company’s cacao can be traced to the producer, which means knowing where the cacao came from, who harvested it, and that it was produced in good conditions. For more information about Valrhona, visit www.valrhona-chocolate.com and follow us on social media at @ValrhonaUSA.

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