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Valrhona Created Memories for its 100th Anniversary

For its 100th anniversary, the French chocolate maker threw a celebration in NYC that many industry members will remember for a while. The company, whose products are chosen by top chefs, hosted a fantastic cocktail and dance party with over 250 guests at Les Halls des Lumieres on February 27, 2023.

This downtown Manhattan landmark building set in a former bank now brings unforgettable immersive experiences. Its 150 video projectors reflected 30-foot-high images perfectly onto the rich architecture of the historic venue. The combination of the venue’s beauty and all the guests dressed to impress was the perfect representation of one of the most premium, if not the most premium chocolate company in the industry. The night was a great occasion for people to re-connect as this event was one of the first big parties since Covid-19.

The four North American Valrhona Corporate Pastry Chefs, along with two Valrhona Chefs who came from France to help, offered a spectacular 6 foot tall and 2.6 foot wide birthday cake. The cake was made with KOMUNTU 80%, the newest couverture from Valrhona specifically created to celebrate the century of the company. It was a couverture created by 100 members from the entire value chain (from cacao growers to chefs and employees), and we’re proud to give 100% of the proceeds directly back to our cocoa growers for the first year. Learn more about KOMUNTU 80% here.

Benjamin Brito, Valrhona Inc. General Manager gave a speech celebrating Valrhona’s history, the company’s partners, introducing the company’s vision and the new brands it’s launching (Norohy Vanilla, Sosa, Adamance Fruit puree), in addition to their other chocolate brand: Republica Del Cacao.

The night’s success was also due to the amazing live band that kept the dance floor full of energy all night long.

The food served by one of Valrhona’s Cercle V (loyalty program) member, Great Performances, incorporated many iconic chocolate couvertures from the company, such as their Braised Guanaja 70% Chocolate Short Rib-Butternut Squash, Cranberry.

About Valrhona Inc.

As a partner to pastry professionals since 1922 and a pioneer in the world of chocolate, Valrhona imagines the best of chocolate by working tirelessly to perfect its expertise, pushing the creative boundaries with a constantly growing aromatic palette and inventing the next revolution in the world of chocolate.
Founded as a small chocolate manufacturer in the French village of Tain l’Hermitage, Valrhona oversees every aspect of its chocolate’s sustainable sourcing in more than 30 terroirs and 20 origins.
With its employees, chefs and cacao producers, Valrhona works to create a just and sustainable cocoa sector and to inspire pastry that is delicious and cutting-edge. Building direct and long-term relationships with producers, searching for the next innovations in chocolate, and sharing expertise all bring Valrhona’s missions to life on a daily basis.
Valrhona supports chefs by sharing the artisanal expertise of the company’s L’École Valrhona pastry chefs and by continuously pushing the limits of creativity, helping chefs to find their individual style and voice in the culinary industry.

In 2020, Valrhona earned the demanding B Corporation® certification, which distinguishes the most committed companies in the world who consider social and environmental impact equal to economic performance.

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