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New Scholarships for Professional Bread & Cake Bakers at the International Culinary Center

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, ICC has announced that over 200 new scholarships will be available for hospitality industry professionals during the next two years. The ICC Professional Development Scholarship is earmarked for four specialized programs: The Art of International Bread Baking, Cake Technique and Design, Culinary Entrepreneurship, and Sommelier Training.

The scholarships will provide continuing education opportunities for professionals either currently working in, or with past experience in the culinary and hospitality industry, to enroll in ICC programs expanding the scope and depth of their skills.

Marking over three decades of culinary, pastry, and wine education, the Center is continuing its mission to train the next generation of culinary leaders and innovators. The recipients of the over $720,000 in scholarships to be granted in 2019-20 will receive certifications in bread baking, cake decorating, or wine studies, or, in the Culinary Entrepreneurship program, a plan to start a food business. “Expertise in one of these areas,” noted Leland Scruby, ICC’s Vice President of Education, “can help distinguish professionals in their job search, and make them a far more desirable candidate to an employer.”

The school was founded by Dorothy Cann Hamilton in 1984 as the French Culinary Institute at the corner of Broadway and Grand Street in Manhattan where a stellar faculty created a swift-paced curriculum to prepare aspiring chefs to quickly enter the workforce. Long a leader in culinary education, adding new programs and expanding to a campus in California in 2011, the institution changed its name to the International Culinary Center in 2012.

Candidates with verified industry experience on their resumes and a letter from their present or past employer are eligible to apply for the new scholarships, and applications are now being accepted on an ongoing basis. For further information: culinarycenter.com/prodev.

Meryle Evans
Meryle Evans
Meryle Evans is a staff writer for Pastry Arts Magazine with extensive experience in covering pastry and baking professionals and the trade as a whole.