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PreGel Includes Marketing as Educational Add-On

Dessert ingredient producer adds business education to sweets curricula

Aside from its artisanal dessert ingredients, PreGel is also steadfast on providing current and future business partners with exceptional educational opportunities via the PreGel International Training Centers (ITC). Consisting of 29 educational facilities worldwide, PreGel America hosts five ITC stateside that offer diverse curricula in premier education about artisanal desserts with one notable addition to the education plan for all business sizes: marketing.

“PreGel takes training and education about artisanal desserts very seriously, it’s the foundation for success,” begins Anna Pata, director of sales & marketing, PreGel America. “Adding to that, we included a Marketing segment to further our students’ experience, at the PreGel ITC,” Pata adds. “Not only will they leave armed with ingredient knowledge, techniques, and recipe ideation, but also the science of practical marketing techniques, which is also an integral component for professional success and longevity,” Pata concludes. The addition of Marketing to the PreGel curriculum is currently only available at PreGel ITC –Charlotte, located at the company’s North Carolina headquarters.

Following the completion of the Fundamentals of Gelato & Sorbetto Production class, students are joined by members of PreGel’s marketing team to learn about some basic marketing techniques. Beginning with a short overview of PreGel resources, including private label branding, custom marketing material, as well as upcoming events, the marketing ITC syllabus reviews:

  • best practices to set a marketing budget
  • branding
  • basics of content marketing
  • free business listing options
  • advertising practices
  • industry events/in-store specials
  • effective social media practices

PreGel ITC class listings include:


The Fundamentals of Gelato & Sorbetto Production
Advanced Gelato and Sorbetto Production
Holiday Gelato Class


Frozen Pops and Paletas
Ice Cream 101


Bakery 101
Modern Pastry Shop
Pastry Basics

Additionally, PreGel hosts the 5-Star Chef Pastry Series, exclusive to the PreGel ITC – North Carolina location. The 3-day custom seminars lectured by world-renowned pastry chefs are specifically crafted for advanced artisan chefs looking to sharpen their skills in niche categories such as plated desserts, pastry buffets, and chocolate.

All classes are taught throughout the year, with the PreGel ITC – Ft. Lauderdale location also teaching its curricula in Spanish. Students of PreGel ITC courses are eligible to earn Continuing Education Hours certified by the American Culinary Foundation.

For more information or to register, visit www.pregel-itc.com.

About the PreGel International Training Centers

The PreGel America International Training Centers are state-of-the-art educational facilities dedicated to teaching the fine art of creating specialty artisan desserts. Located in major U.S. cities including Charlotte, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Chicago, IL; and Dallas, TX, all ACF-certified programs cover a wide range of artisan dessert courses relating to frozen desserts, pastry & confections, and trending concepts. The International Training Centers classes are specifically designed to provide both classroom learning and hands-on instruction, and cater to all skill levels. PreGel’s 5-Star Pastry Series serves as an educational platform for advanced culinary professionals to sharpen and increase their skills in specialized pastry arts.

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