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Malaysia Imposes Their Talent At The 30th Anniversary Coupe Du Monde De La Patisserie

This Monday January 28th 2019, Malaysia has won for the first time the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon. The prestigious contest was celebrating its 30th anniversary in the heart of the Sirha trade exhibition!

21 teams converging from all corners of the world competed over 2 days of impassioned competition to win the title of “World Pastry Champion”. Among the participating countries the team, composed of Wei Loon TAN (sugar specialist), Otto TAY (chocolate specialist) and Ming Ai LOI (ice specialist), impressed the jury and won over the judges thanks to a most creative and surprising performance.

For the 30th anniversary, the contest was keen to challenge the participants’ technical and creative skills by requiring for the first time that the 63 pastry chefs prepare a 100% vegan dessert. Wei Loon TAN, Otto TAY and Ming Ai LOI stood out among the other competitors under the watchful eye of Gabriel Paillasson (President founder of the contest), Philippe Rigollot (President of the International Committee), Etienne Leroy (President of the jury) and Gilles Renusson (President of Honor).

Gabriel Paillasson has particularly appreciated their work: “It is the first time Malaysia is on the podium and it’s new proof that in life when you are a good worker and you have a good professor, you get that kind of result. The presentation work was great and they followed the rules. It is important to me that the whole pastry world evolves and all teams have increased their level.”


Sucre : Wei Loon TAN, 32 years old, Academy of Pastry Arts, SELANGOR
Chocolat : Otto TAY, 30 yeard old, Dobla Asia, BA RIA-VUNG TAU
Glace : Ming Ai LOI, 29 years old, Academy of Pastry Arts, SELANGOR

Sucre : Fumiaki ITO, 39 years old, Pâtisserie Maison Douce, HACHIOJI
Chocolat : Mirai NISHIYAMA, 35 years old, Henri Charpentier, NISHINOMIYA
Glace : Ryohei OGUMA, 36 years old Gourmet Wako, TOKYO

Sucre : Lorenzo PUCA, 29 years old, Pasticcieria pannamore, VASTO
Chocolat : Mattia CORTINOVIS, 23 years old, Pasticceria Cortinovis, RANICA
Glace : Andrea RESTUCCIA, 26 years old, Pasticceria Beddini, ROMA
Vase de Sèvres prize: Malaysia also obtained the best marks in the Tasting and was presented with the prize offered by the President of the French Republic.


About the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
The grand finale of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie is held every two years in Lyon (France) as part of the Sirha world Food Service trade exhibition. The prestigious contest was created by Gabriel Paillasson and brings together teams from all over the world composed of chocolate artist, a dessert specialist and an ice expert, who combine their efforts to offer a super performance that is a delight to the palate as much as to the eyes, live in front of an enthusiastic audience of supporters.


Meryle Evans
Meryle Evans
Meryle Evans is a staff writer for Pastry Arts Magazine with extensive experience in covering pastry and baking professionals and the trade as a whole.