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Challenger Bread Pan Launched Globally

The Upside-Down Dutch Oven, Designed By Bakers For Bakers

After six months of enthusiastic trials by thousands of bakers, and sold-out demand, the Challenger Bread Pan is now fully in-stock and shipping to bakers worldwide.

Jim Challenger, Baker, Founder, and President of Challenger Breadware created the
Challenger Bread Pan so bakers can bake perfect loaves of bread in a home oven.

“The Challenger Bread Pan was designed by bakers for bakers, and it produces better
bread one-hundred percent of the time,” said Challenger. “Its unique design is
essentially an upside-down Dutch oven — a covered cast iron pan with a shallow base
and a deep cover. It provides the right conditions for a great bake — radiant heat and
trapped steam, and is easy to work with. Its dome-shaped cover has multiple handles,
placed exactly where bakers need them. The Challenger Bread Pan is designed to
bake the perfect loaf whether you are a new or experienced baker.”

Bread Magazine’s co-editor, François Thibeault noted, “The handles are at the right
spot, keeping my hands safe when grabbing the pan in and out of the oven. It’s large
enough to bake 1.2 kg of dough and still get a great oven kick. It creates deep, golden
crust, thin and crispy, with light yellowish-brown colors and black ears. The loaves
come out of the oven with a remarkable charisma and rusticity.”

Jim Challenger, a serial entrepreneur and daily bread baker with over 16,000
Instagram followers (@jimchall), founded Challenger Breadware to manufacture and
sell the Challenger Bread Pan worldwide. He refined the details and design of the
product through insights and feedback from both home and professional bakers
across three continents.

Challenger Breadware’s first production run rapidly sold out when it was first
introduced last Fall. With a new US-based supply chain now in place, hundreds of
back-orders were shipped in January. Challenger’s new e-commerce site
(www.challengerbreadware.com) takes and fulfills orders immediately.

Since its introduction, the global community of Instagram bakers, from Martha
Stewart to The Sourdough Podcast, has been enthusiastically sharing images of their
beautiful bread loaves and successful baking experiences using the Challenger Bread

“The moment you grab one of these bread pans you know it’s built to last. The
pan has no drawbacks and is pretty much perfect in every way for the results
we’re all looking for in bread: crispy, airy, crunchy, fluffy, delicious bread.” —

“@jimchall you’ve knocked the ball out of the park! The handles front and back
to lift the top off are great, the whole pan is very well crafted from the shape to
the casting, and finally the fettling is top notch. It was well worth the wait.” —

Black Cast Iron for Radiating Heat

For their 2017 book, Modernist Bread, authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya,
thoroughly tested many vessels for baking bread at home. They recommend black
cast iron, which “does an excellent job of absorbing, retaining, and radiating heat.” The
Challenger Bread Pan’s thick, black cast iron delivers the exact amount of powerful
radiant heat needed for both the bottom and the top of the dough.
With ample proportions and shaped for bread, the Challenger Bread Pan provides the
versatility bakers need to make a variety of loaves of almost any size. Bakers no longer
need to be constrained to baking small loaves in a narrow range of shapes. The
Challenger Bread Pan bakes perfect bâtards, boules, baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia,
pizza, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, and fougasse.

Better Than a Dutch Oven

Chad Robertson started the artisan bread revolution for home bread bakers with his
book, Tartine Bread. He taught readers the professional bakers’ technique of
saturating their ovens with steam, using moist heat to produce bread with crackling
crust, rich colors, open scores, and full volume. Since home ovens are designed to
reduce moisture, Robertson recommended the “sealed environment of a Dutch

The Challenger Bread Pan is a better solution for bread baking. Since standard Dutch
ovens are deep, it’s difficult for bakers to get well-proofed dough into them without
degassing the dough or burning their hands. The Challenger Bread Pan’s unique flat
bottom and ample dome-shaped lid provide the benefits of a Dutch oven without the drawbacks. As award-winning Austrian food blogger Alex Melanidis of Brotokoll
describes, “It’s a great design, with multiple and strategically positioned handles and
size dimensions that make the pan even suitable for 2kg bread loaves.”

Specifications of the Challenger Bread Pan

The Challenger Bread Pan is in stock and available to ship worldwide, and can be
purchased online at challengerbreadware.com for $295 plus shipping, taxes, and
duties (where applicable).

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