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Here Are The Top Trends In Vegan And Plant-Based Desserts

If you are a pastry chef or baker, the idea of using vegan ingredients in your products may send you straight to the knife block to protect your sacred dairy ingredients. However, consumers of the 2020s are turning to healthier vegan options instead of traditional cakes and cookies laden with eggs and butter.

Vegan desserts have overcome their reputation for poor taste and texture, and the health benefits of these alternatives have made consumers and food manufacturers take notice. Learn how to capitalize on this trend in your own business.

Why Should I Put Vegan Desserts on My Menu?

Bake magazine recently published an article entitled “Developing products that appeal to the vegan consumer.” According to GlobalData, the percentage of self-declared vegans in the United States rose from 1% to 6% from 2014 to 2017.

The cake sector seems to be one of the largest areas of opportunity as creative bakers find new ways to substitute traditional ingredients for plant-based options that appeal to American consumers.

What Vegan Desserts Can I Add to My Menu?

After trying a few vegan dessert menus, you will no doubt want to put your own spin on them. Once you get used to vegan ingredients, your creative chef’s mind will kick into gear to develop your own vegan desserts.

  • Vegan Cinnamon Rolls: Check out this recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls that uses spice whiskey peaches to create a vegan version of the American classic.
  • Healthy Raspberry Cashew Cheezecake: This recipe calls for layers of cacao, sunflower seeds and dates topped with raspberry topping.
  • Cookie Ice Cream Cake: Vegan chocolate and vanilla ice cream (made from coconut milk) gives this dessert a dreamy flavor that will be a big hit with your customers.

Vegan Baking Substitutes in Your Own Recipes

Still hesitant? Try adding vegan baking substitutes in your own favorite desserts.

  • You can make vegan whipped cream using chilled coconut cream. Chill a can of coconut milk and use the surface cream to make a vegan version of your favorite topping.
  • Use almond milk, which has great fat content, as a substitute for cow’s milk. Soy milk works great as well.
  • Coconut oil consists of 100% fat, so it is a natural substitute for butter, which is 80% fat.
  • Try flax eggs for vegan cookies. Wet the flaxseed with orange or apple juice and let the mixture settle to create a vegan binding ingredient suitable for cookies and biscuits.

Your Turn

As a modern food professional, you’ll want to keep up with new trends that can help you better serve your customers. Many restaurants and dessert chefs expect to embrace vegan desserts to satisfy customer demand. A recent study by Grand View Research shows that vegan foods will grow 10% annually through 2027.

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