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Standing Out with Your Story

(This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

By Amanda Schonberg, C.E.C.

As business owners, one of the primary things that separates our products from others is our story. If you are like most creators then you are obsessed with the dipped chocolates, delicious pastries, cakes, sweets and more that we are able to create. None of these products are new and there are thousands of sugar artists and pastry chefs who also may make the same things you make. So, what is one thing that we can do to differentiate ourselves from our competition? I believe an easy and effective way to make your customers fall in love with your brand and remember your business is by sharing your story.

The power of sharing your story is amazing because no two people have the same story. As business owners our values and beliefs are usually one of the driving forces that are behind us starting our business. As a bakery business coach, I am always passionate about my students sharing their story as a key strategy to accelerate their growth. Here are three ways you can share your story to stand out with your marketing and create raving fans for your brand.

Number 1 – Have an about me section not just on your website but in your store as well. People love knowing the story about those in their community and how they started their business. There is a popular restaurant here in my state called Raising Canes. Raising Canes started out as a locally owned company here in Louisiana and now has hundreds of locations across the world. When you walk into each store there is a plaque that hangs on the wall with the story of the owner and his dog Cane that he named the business after. The owner shares how he worked on local oil riggs and saved his money to get one store even when others didn’t believe in him.

Fast forward to now Raising Canes is a billion-dollar restaurant business. Unfortunately, the original Cane dog has passed away but whenever they get a new “Cane” they always update their story on their website and share. Cane has become a staple that is attached to this dining facility simply because the owner decided to share his story.

Number 2 – Be sure to include your story on directory sites that you list your business on. One of my favorite sites that I recommend for my students to get more visibility and sales from is Yelp. Yelp is an online directory platform that connects those seeking services with those who offer them. Yelp is known for working with small businesses to help them grow. One of the great features of Yelp is their app. Their app has amazing spaces for a business owner to share their story on the app and to highlight key features of their business. Sharing your story on this site is not also good for connecting with potential clients but it is wonderful for SEO purposes as well. The app provides key features that allow others to shop based on categorizations that are part of your story. Examples of categories include veteran- owned, black owned and woman owned also. Look for other features like this also to share your story not just on the Yelp directory but beyond.

One of the final and best places to share your story is also social media. There are so many features on any social media platform from making static posts to going live and showcasing your brand. As part of your content strategy make it a key point to share not just why your products are different but how your story plays a part in creating them.

As you share your story more you will notice that conversations occur more organically. Sharing parts of your story such as your why, your mission and your key values will allow others to open up and see you in a new way. Sharing your story allows you to put intention behind your marketing and reach new customers like never before.

About Amanda Schonberg

Amanda Schonberg is a certified chef and bakery business coach. Her work has been featured by brands such as Wilton, NBC, FOX, and a host of others. Her monthly group coaching membership, The Entrepreneur Community helps bakers and sugar enthusiasts to make more money and create thriving businesses. She is the founder of Baking For Business, an online platform dedicated to sharing tips, recipes, and products to help bakers grow.

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