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How Pastry Chefs Are Capitalizing on the Home Baking Trend and Taking Their Businesses in New Directions

COVID-19 restrictions are leaving us with more time to spend at home with our families and pets. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen many restaurants and bakeries close due to capacity limits and lost revenue. But some bakers and pastry chefs have found innovative ways to keep their businesses going during difficult times. One way they’re doing this is by capitalizing on the home-baking trend that has taken the world by storm. Here are some creative ways bakers are engaging customers’ culinary talents while protecting their bottom line.

Virtual Classes

At a time of social distancing, remote learning has taken off. Bakers worldwide are taking advantage of digital platforms to offer Virtual cooking classes. For a fee, members can participate in “bake-alongs”, where bakers demonstrate how to make their most popular creations. Pastry chefs are also taking to social media in record numbers to show off their concoctions and provide baking tips. Bakeries that have remained open are utilizing video channels to demonstrate the health protocols they use to keep employees and customers safe.

Take-And Bake Items

To cater to at-home bakers, pastry chefs are also advertising popular desserts and other sweet treats that are pre-made. Customers can finish baking them at home. This is a popular choice for people who are juggling multiple responsibilities and don’t have the time to prepare these items from scratch. They get to enjoy most of the benefits of a home-baked treat without the hassle of prepping and cleaning up.

Baking Kits

For at-home cooks who like to roll up their sleeves for a little mixing and kneading, bakeries are putting together baking kits that include everything needed to whip up anything from flaky croissants to red velvet cakes. Interestingly, the pandemic baking craze has led to a revived interest in the art of making sourdough; and starter kits for the fermented bread are a frequently-requested item. Since people are spending less time at the gym, they’re looking for ways to be healthy. Not surprisingly, consumers are on the lookout for baking kits containing organic or vegan ingredients.

An otherwise challenging time is creating unexpected opportunities to take your business in new directions. Even if your customers are doing more of their baking at home, you can help them make the most of their new hobby while bringing in much-needed revenue. Start your new year with new ideas to keep your customers coming back.

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