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What’s happening at the 2019 International Baking Industry Exposition

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is taking place Sept. 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The IBIE happens every three years bringing together people from across the industry to learn about and experience the newest innovations, participate in progressive conference sessions and demonstrations and most of all building high-level relationships through networking.

Through sponsors like Sosland Publishing, Baking & Snack, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Baker & Biscuit and more, IBIE attendees have an opportunity to experience different baking communities. In the marketplace, there will be experts from wholesale baking, retail baking and decorating, artisan baking, tortilla production, snack food production and pizza production who can help you excel in that respective market.

There are also competitions and events to enjoy – cake decorating competition that according to IBIE “will take center stage, as six teams of elite professional cake decorators challenge each other to a contest of imagination, artistry and skill during one of baking’s most prestigious competitions.” Angela May, acclaimed TV host and presenter will commentate the event.

Virtual reality is taking stage at IBIE as interested visitors can get an inside look at master and industrial bakeries from Germany, Greece, Iceland, Austria and the United States. In partnership with iba, the Virtual Bakery Tours will use 360-degree videos and VR glasses to provide an experiential experience to showcase cutting edge technologies in baking, manufacturing and operations.

There are so many activities available that it may feel impossible to experience it all; but, IBIE 2019 is not an event to miss. The expo’s tagline is “Think Bigger. Think Broader. Think IBIE,” and you can in less than a week. If you want updates on the event, you can sign up here or check out IBIE 2019 information on the expo’s website.

When you’re at the show, make sure to visit a few of Pastry Arts Magazine’s premier brand partners below:


Booth Number: 5055

Reasons to Visit Booth: Bakon USA offers a fresh approach. Behind the tag line: Produce – Preserve – Present is the word freshness. Continuity in freshness is possible by combining the production equipment with the cold technology solutions by Koma, and the presentation refrigerated display by OCF. IBIE is the opportunity to see their new products.

Featured Product: Bakon USA will feature the new generation of BD depositors during the show – from the tabletop solution to the large industrial gearwheel depositor. They will also focus on Koma blast freezing solutions for trays, racks and inline applications. Finally, they will premiere the OCF new “Essentiel” 6ft long display.

For more information visit: www.bakonusa.com

Casa Luker

Booth Number: 1469

Reasons to Visit Booth: To taste and try their Single Origin Colombian Chocolates. Discover why their Chocolate matches your products. Plus, taste their liquid chocolate.

For more information visit: www.lukerchocolate.com/en/

Chef Rubber

Booth Number: 1666

Reasons to Visit Booth: New colors, flavors and ingredients, custom logo and designs on baking sheets. Cake artist from the Wynn Las Vegas Flora Aghababyan will be in booth showcasing modeling chocolate flowers demos.

Featured Product: Booth theme will be 50s themes with vintage jukebox and candy dispenser with a sweet treat for everyone.

For more information visit: www.chefrubber.com 


Booth Number: 1272

Reasons to Visit Booth: The Chocolate Doctor, Kerry Beal, will be demonstrating her EZtemper cocoa butter seed generator and explaining its value not only to chocolatiers but to bakers and pastry chefs. Working with chocolate in the heat and humidity that are constants in bakeries and pastry kitchens is challenging. Even in these less than ideal conditions for chocolate work the EZtemper guarantees rapid and consistent tempering. 

Featured Product: The EZtemper is rapidly becoming a “must have” in chocolate labs and businesses around the world. But it belongs in pastry kitchens and bakeries too. Drop by and see how well this will fit into your situation.

For more information visit: www.eztemper.com


Booth Number: 2751

Reasons to Visit Booth: Artisanal pastry and artisanal frozen dessert recipe innovation on full display. Networking opportunities with PreGel International Training Centers chefs. Enjoy samples of a delicious variety of traditional and trending pastry and gelato flavors and concepts. Learning opportunities via demonstrations by the PreGel International Training Centers will be showcased through the show

Featured Product: PreGel will be showcasing a variety of artisanal dessert ingredients from its 2019 Novelties collection.

For more information visit: www.pregelamerica.com


Booth Number: 1670

Reasons to Visit Booth: Visit TCHO Chocolate’s booth to sample the release of their new dark chocolate blend, 62% Mosaic.

Featured Product: TCHO Pro 62% Mosaic – Dark Chocolate Couverture is a complex blend created with the highest ingredients for a flawless performance for: Ganache, Ice Cream, Fillings, Pastries, Mousses, and more. 

For more information visit: www.TCHO.com/pro

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