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Should Your Patisserie Invest in Billboards?

Patisseries have more options than ever when it comes to choosing how they want to advertise. Billboards and other outdoor ads are often written off as old school, yet you still see them all over roads and highways. This is because they’re actually very effective advertising formats. They are still around because they have been able to converge with and complement newer advertising tech. Let’s take a look at why billboards might be a sweet choice for your patisserie.

Brand Recognition

Especially for a new patisserie, brand activation and awareness is paramount to success. If you want people to give your pastries a chance, they need to know you exist and where to find you. Seeing your colorful macarons blown up on a giant billboard during their commute every day is a fantastic way to make potential customers aware of you. A particularly clever or creative billboard will also be shared on social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, with no additional cost to you. This all helps to establish your brand and also starts to create an emotional connection with your customers.


Cost may be the single most important factor influencing how to advertise. Newer and smaller patisseries don’t always have large sums of money to throw at advertising. Outdoor ads and billboard are affordable on almost any advertising budget. As a bonus, they are generally cheaper than newspaper, TV, and digital ads. Depending on which market you are in and which options you choose, pricing starts at around $30 a day.

Drive Local and Online Traffic

It’s not surprising that placing billboards around the neighborhood improves foot traffic. They target hungry consumers right at the moment they’re deciding where to go for dessert. In fact, outdoor ads drive retail foot traffic better than mobile or mobile/desktop combined. What is surprising is that they also do wonders for driving online interactions. Outdoor ads are the most efficient ad channel as far as driving online activation. Billboards will get customers inside your doors and looking at your website.

Marketing Mix

The term “reach” refers to the number of people who will see your ad at least once while a campaign is running. When a billboard or other outdoor ad is placed in a busy area, such as near an arena or popular park, it has tremendous reach. If you are already utilizing other advertising formats, adding outdoor ads to your marketing mix is a fantastic way to considerably extend your reach. For patisseries, billboards work well as an addition to your mobile and digital campaigns, allowing them to amplify their reach and create a sense of legitimacy that digital ads cannot establish by themselves. Anyone can purchase a social media ad, but only a serious business would buy a billboard. That’s the perception, at least.

About the Author

Cody J. Riebe is a Public Relations and Content Specialist for BillboardsIn.com, the largest online marketplace for outdoor ads. With over a million assets nationwide, they make it possible for anyone and everyone to easily buy billboards online.

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